Waste sampling and analysis

Waste analysis is the most effective and immediate way to classify waste and identify its possible hazardousness. That’s why it is an operation that usually follows waste consulting.

The analysis and sampling of waste is the responsibility of its producer. Eurocorporation can take charge of the particular sample after providing the customer with all the necessary equipment to perform the sampling. Our team then transports and delivers the sample, on behalf of the producer, to the laboratory we use for waste analysis

Analyses are performed using official methods such as IRSA-CNR or EPA, or by developing in-house analytical practices. 

In this area, Eurocorporation offers companies the following services:

  • Characterisation analysis on liquid sample
  • Characterisation analysis on solid sample (TQ) + TDC for recovery + TDC for landfill
  • Characterisation analysis on solid sample of EARTH (TQ)+ TDC recovery + comparison Legislative Decree 152 ta. A/B
  • Sample analysis to verify the presence/absence of asbestos
  • Analysis on sample for verification of PC presence/absence)

Waste analysis is carried out with precision and timeliness, guaranteeing the same high standards and competitive prices as all the other services we offer from Florence to central Italy, such as consultancy, disposal, waste transport and environmental reclamation.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive plan tailored to your company's needs that meets your mission and revenue while acting to protect the environment.

Eurocorporation deals with Waste sampling and analysis in Florence, Tuscany and throughout Italy.

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