Manpower for packaging and porterage

Companies often require a packaging service for their waste. There are different reasons for this: the waste may have to be packaged because it has certain hazardous properties, it may be loose and may have to be collected or it may have to be placed in a temporary storage facility in accordance with the law

Eurocorporation takes care to carry out these activities in a precise and timely manner while also offering the opportunity to help customers fix the storage site with a dedicated team of employees

We also handle the reconditioning and packaging of, for example, oil drums to prevent spillage of the waste material and to arrange the textile waste neatly in big bags or approved containers

Eurocorporation's manpower service also includes sorting by homogeneous categories and porterage. Our team, in fact, can promptly move the selected waste to the collection location and, afterwards, handle the transport to the destination site following current regulations.

Eurocorporation deals with Manpower for packaging and porterage in Florence, Tuscany and throughout Italy.

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