Environmental reclamations

Environmental reclamation is necessary where there is polluted soil, or, for example, contaminated water. In fact, waste disposal also extends to the protection of the soil, its preservation and the remediation of contaminated sites.

After careful evaluations, using state-of-the-art instruments and the experience of our technicians, we will develop a targeted and bespoke plan. Upon request, we can also re-establishs the situation prior to contaminations, elaborating a definitive conceptual model and taking care of the isolation or permanent removal of the toxic agents, ensuring a high level of safety to the community. 

By activating our management consultancy, companies will have an expert technician at their side, able to monitor the work, collect samples, coordinate inspections and disposal and offer full technical assistance. From planning and definition of actions to reclamation: our comprehensive support helps companies identify environmentally friendly solutions to improve their environmental profile.

Eurocorporation deals with Environmental reclamations in Florence, Tuscany and throughout Italy.

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