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A waste disposal company is not simply a company that deals with special, electronic, hospital, organic, hazardous or toxic waste. 
It is a pillar of a sustainable project related to society and nature. 

Eurocorporation specialises in the collection, transportation, storage, management and recovery of waste. We intend to be the sole interlocutor for all those customers who wish to see their waste managed in a timely, effective and transparent manner. We also offer environmental and legal advice so that companies can be as "green" as possible, while fulfilling all legal requirements in Italy and Europe.

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Our mission is clear and every day we work hard to fulfil it: to help companies manage their waste correctly and improve their sustainability performance. Thanks to all our certifications and permits, we are able to operate in complete transparency and, with the experience we have gained in all these years, we are able to keep times and costs down. From the precise and punctual compilation of the loading and unloading register to the disposal of waste and its eventual recycling, all the services we provide are characterised by the speed of execution and the customisation dictated by the specific needs of each customer.

Our history

At the gates of the new millennium, Alfredo Noce decided to follow a dream: a sustainable business model oriented to contribute to the welfare of people and society. 

He then embarked on the long "Eurocorporation" journey, first with a single van and then with a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles. The road travelled is paved with successes, and today the company is a reality, a leader in transport and waste management.  

To reach this goal, Alfredo surrounded himself with fantastic collaborators ready to share the company’s core values: seriousness, honesty, solidarity, dedication and sacrifice. 

In short, the story of Alfredo Noce and Eurocorporation is not a story of contracts, profits and balance sheets - it’s a story of love

The future is still to be written for the Eurocorporation family, but we are sure that with the passion, perseverance and commitment, qualities that have always set us apart from the rest, no goal will be unattainable.

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