Environmental commitment

Let's pledge to protect the environment together

We help companies take effective measures to protect the planet so that we can build a sustainable future together. 
Eurocorporation is at the forefront of contributing to a better world through careful waste management and continuous updating on sustainable solutions to be offered to its customers.

According to this philosphy, we've created a partnership with Treedom in order to give a real hand to the realisation of important agroforestry projects. Now we're planting 1000 trees to actively take care of our future. We're now committed to grow along of the trees we're planting.

environmental commitment.

Every year


Average tons of electrical equipment withdrawn


Million reams of new paper produced


Average tons of paper collected


Tons of CO2 not released into the environment

commitment with treedom.


trees planted


Tons of CO2 absorbed by Eurocorporation's forest

Protecting the environmental is a prerogative of our work, but it should not be taken for granted. Proper waste management reduces its effects on health and its impact on the planet. Although that is clear, we must always remember that it is also with small gestures and targeted actions that we can contribute to the protection of the environment.  

By supporting causes we believe in and offering "green" initiatives, we have chosen to set a good example and inspire our customers to do the same. 

Also with regard to the choice of recycling plants, we have decided to rely exclusively on those who can guarantee the highest environmental standards, putting sustainability before profit. 

Contributing to a better future for us is priceless.

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