Our team

Our team is made up of experienced and qualified people whose shared goal is to provide their customers with a precise and punctual service that always meets their expectations. 

A cohesive team able to solve any issue related to waste management throughout the country, thanks to the unique skills of each individual, from consulting to logistics


Alessandro Lupi
Alessandro Lupi

Chef Executive

Vincenzo Noce - Eurocorporation
Vincenzo Noce

General Director

Andrea Zaccagnini - Eurocorporation
Andrea Zaccagnini

Environmental Attorney

Team Leader

Francesca Buffolino - Eurocorporation
Francesca Buffolino

Sales, Marketing and Brand Manager

Viola Madiai - Eurocorporation
Viola Madiai

Head of the Logistics and Plant

Alfredo Noce Eurocorporation
Alfredo Noce

Travel Planning Manager

Andrea Orrù

Administration, Finance and Control Manager

Andrea Zaccagnini - Eurocorporation
Andrea Zaccagnini

Head of Compliance and Consulting Management

Environmental Consulting Team

Lorenza Bruni Eurocorporation
Lorenza Bruni
Mario Nobile - Eurocorporation
Mario Nobile
Tommaso Orlandini - Eurocorporation
Tommaso Orlandini

Business Development Team

Matilde De Martino - Eurocorporation
Matilde De Martino
Giuseppe Dragone Eurocorporation
Giuseppe Dragone
Alessandro Gaggii Eurocorporation
Alessandro Gaggii
Andrea Ghiggi Eurocorporation
Andrea Ghiggi
Klizia Lipparelli - Eurocorporation
Klizia Lipparelli
Pamela Pasquini Eurocorporation
Pamela Pasquini
Mattia Salvini - Eurocorporation
Mattia Salvini
Bianca Zeloni - Eurocorporation
Bianca Zeloni

Agent Team

David Pinzauti - Eurocorporation
David Pinzauti

Administration Team

Debora Calabrò - Eurocorporation
Debora Calabrò
Gianmarco Cinotti Eurocorporation
Gianmarco Cinotti
Edi Landi Eurocorporation
Edi Landi
Michele Pais Becher - Eurocorporation
Michele Pais Becher
Carmen Vaccai - Eurocorporation
Carmen Vaccai

Logistics and Plant Team

Roberta Donatini Eurocorporation
Roberta Donatini
Matteo Ferrisi Eurocorporation
Matteo Ferrisi
Matilde Ioia - Eurocorporation
Matilde Ioia
Maka Papelishvili Eurocorporation
Maka Papelishvili
Vincenzo Pollidoro - Eurocorporation
Vincenzo Pollidoro

Drivers/Warehousemen Team

Salvatore Aprigliano - Eurocorporation
Salvatore Aprigliano
Stefano Bettazzi - Eurocorporation
Stefano Bettazzi
Team Eurocorporation
Giovanni Bonadduce
Giuseppe Cangelosi - Eurocorporation
Giuseppe Cangelosi
Filippo Catanzaro
Grigore Cheptene - Eurocorporation
Grigore Cheptene
Alessandro Ciabatti - Eurocorporation
Alessandro Ciabatti
Ionut Ciobanu - Eurocorporation
Ionut Ciobanu
Jhon Cisneros Gamarra Eurocorporation
Jhon Cisneros Gamarra
Team Eurocorporation
Stefano Di Benedetto
Ylber Doda - Eurocorporation
Ylber Doda
Sandro Fabbri - Eurocorporation
Sandro Fabbri
Fabrizio Giandesin - Eurocorporation
Fabrizio Giandesin
Simone Guerrini - Eurocorporation
Simone Guerrini
Roxana Hamitchi - Eurocorporation
Roxana Hamitchi
Giuseppe Laria - Eurocorporation
Giuseppe Laria
Bruno Malena Eurocorporation
Bruno Malena
Maurizio Nerini Eurocorporation
Maurizio Nerini
Andrea Nucci - Eurocorporation
Andrea Nucci
Roberto Petrucci - Eurocorporation
Roberto Petrucci
Orlando Polverino - Eurocorporation
Orlando Polverino
Matteo Pulidori - Eurocorporation
Matteo Pulidori
Team Eurocorporation
Marius Rus
Raffaele Sirica - Eurocorporation
Raffaele Sirica

Ongoing training and updates are critical for our staff members. That’s how we ensure that all Eurocorporation departments are always ready to identify the most efficient, state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly solutions.  

Correct waste management is the result of a continuous internal evaluation that leads to tailor-made proposals at competitive prices.  

Companies interested in waste collection, transport, collection and disposal know that in Eurocorporation they will find a reliable partner made up of competent individuals who work in total synergy to safeguard the environment, simplifying and speeding up all operations. 

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