Emptying brownfield sites

The emptying of brownfield sites, with the associated disposal of  industrial waste on site, is carried out by specialist teams on properties that have been disused or closed due to bankruptcy or liquidation. 

The team dedicated to the management of this type of waste, after an inspection, proceeds with a rigorous and prompt analysis of the environments. It takes care of the identification of any waste present, preparation for disposal and logistical transport to our facility. For this operation, we provide official disposal documents.

Eurocorporation is available for the clearing of warehouses, sheds and offices and also for the recovery of instruments and equipment at the end of their life.  

Relying on our company means finding a quick and effective solution to your waste management problems, in compliance with regulations and with the aim of safeguarding the environment always as a top priority.

Eurocorporation deals with Emptying brownfield sites in Florence, Tuscany and throughout Italy.

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