Waste register and MUD management

Waste registering or, more correctly, the registering of loading and unloading is one of the priorities that must be taken care of to ensure that companies are in order, along with the MUD and the Waste Identification Form.  

Eurocorporation intends to be a reliable and effective partner in the rigorous completion of all legally required documentation.

Waste loading and unloading register

The waste loading and unloading register is the compulsory documentation which records the movements of waste loading and unloading. There must be one for each local business unit and it must be kept up to date in accordance with current legal requirements.  

Eurocorporation offers management of the waste loading and unloading register and its mandatory endorsement at the competent Chamber of Commerce. We handle its maintenance both on paper and digitally.




The Single Environmental Declaration Model (Modello Unico di Dichiarazione ambientale, MUD) is the "tax declaration” process for waste. It is mandatory for anyone who produces and disposes of waste; it must be presented by 30 April of each year with reference to the previous year, and can only be presented electronically, via the platform of the Chamber of Commerce and upon payment of the electronic secretarial fees. 

The professional team at Eurocorporation handles the completion of the MUD and its electronic submission.


Waste identification form

The Waste Identification Form (Formulario di Identificazione Rifiuti, FIR) is the main document for waste management. It must accompany waste during transport from the place of production to the final destination facility. The FIR must contain the exact indication of all the subjects that manage the waste (producer, intermediary, transporter and disposer), as well as the data that characterises the waste (CER code, physical state, hazardous characteristics, quantity). Its completion presupposes an exact knowledge of both the environmental regulations and the technical aspects concerning the production of the waste and its exact characterisation.  

Eurocorporation offers precise and timely management of the FIR also on behalf of waste producers.

Eurocorporation deals with Waste register and MUD management in Florence, Tuscany and throughout Italy.

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