Container hire

Roll-off containers and the countless solutions available to hire offer tailor-made answers to the diverse demands of our customers, and are thus widely used for waste collection, for example, on construction sites. In order to always offer customised services we can provide our customers with the rental of roll-off containers of different sizes and characteristics, so that we can respond promptly to any type of storage need.

Roll-off containers with and without lid, sealed containers, containers for aggregates and rubble, for plasterboard, for mixed construction waste or scrap: a wide range of solutions and containers to solve the most varied problems related to waste collection


Environmental operators with great experience provide the operation of transport after the maximum filling level is reached and the container is replaced with an empty one. Eurocorporation's collaborators possess deep territorial knowledge and can guarantee our customers an efficient and effective service. Plus, by keeping constantly up-to-date on new regulations and by applying methodologies aimed at optimising transport, we are always able to handle all micro-sized and macro-sized collection needs, supported by a comprehensive fleet of vehicles that covers every load requirement.

.Eurocorporation offers a waste transport plan that responds precisely and punctually to these demands and is able to meet the needs of customers by addressing all issues related to the waste cycle. We offer an integrated service, combining the capacity of loading and transport with that of unloading at our plant near Florence.

Eurocorporation deals with Container hire in Florence, Tuscany and throughout Italy.

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