Special waste disposal

Special waste disposal affects businesses of all sizes. Special waste comes from industrial processing, obsolete machinery, end-of-life motor vehicles and sludge from water purification. Special waste is divided into hazardous and non-hazardous, depending on the amount of pollutants they contain. Special hazardous waste must be processed to become harmless.

Eurocorporation deals with the proper management of various types of waste: waste from hospitals, agriculture, laboratories, mechanical workshops, inert waste as well as anything that makes up a company’s essential everyday equipment, such as printer toner and cartridges

All VAT registered companies are legally responsible for the disposal of toner. Eurocorporation handles the collection and transport of exhausted toners in compliance with all the legal constraints that govern this process, including the correct completion of the waste identification form (Formulario di Identificazione dei Rifiuti, FIR). 

We can offer a scheduled collection service so that the collection operations of the eco-boxes can be established in advance, such as on a monthly basis. 

We handle the management of special waste starting from verifying the correctness of the temporary deposit at the company and ending with its delivery to an authorised facility suitable for waste management. 

In Florence we can guarantee an operational plan that is effective and prompt for the whole region of Tuscany and the rest of Italy. A project that is able to promptly follow regulations and promote the development of eco-sustainable practices.

Eurocorporation deals with Special waste disposal in Florence, Tuscany and throughout Italy.

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