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    special waste

Disposal of special, hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Disposal of special waste

The disposal of special waste affects all companies of all sizes. In fact, special waste includes waste from industrial processing, from commercial or medical activities, obsolete machinery, end-of-life motor vehicles and sludge derived from water purification. Special waste is divided into hazardous and non-hazardous, depending on the presence of pollutants in them. Special hazardous waste must be processed to be rendered harmless and ensure that its hazardous qualities are reduced.

Eurocorporation can help you correctly manage and dispose of any type of waste: hospital, agricultural, laboratory, mechanical workshop, dental, dental-technical, medical, and veterinary waste, and everything that makes up a company’s basic equipment (toner or printer cartridges). In Florence, we guarantee an effective and timely operational plan for the whole region of Tuscany and the rest of Italy, a plan that follows the regulations punctually and promotes the development of eco-sustainable practices.

Industrial waste disposal

Industrial waste disposal includes workshop waste, electronic waste, toner and neon, waste oil and aggregates, asbestos and even the destruction of sensitive data. We also offer support to companies with the activation of the logistics and transport sector, also providing the option for delivery and rental of roll-off containers. When dealing with chemical derivatives (epoxy resins, halogenated solvents) typical of the manufacturing industry, we carry out analyses in order to precisely identify and classify the waste.

Workshop waste

The collection of waste produced by garages, body shops and tire repair shops is optimized with customized solutions. After our technician makes a check, we can identify your temporary waste storage area and optimize the spaces with appropriate standard packaging. This way, not only is safety in the workplace ensured, but contamination between hazardous and non-hazardous waste is also avoided. For the former, in fact, the use of lids or canopies is highly recommended, preventing them from getting wet and polluting the surrounding environment.

Electronics disposal

Working in an office also produces considerable quantities of special waste, sometimes hazardous, and for this we have created a customized service. After a consultation and needs are assessed, we can offer suitable containers for toner or ink-jet printers and also intervene by optimizing the selection and recovery of disused electrical or electronic equipment (old calculators, fax machines, etc.). All procedures are activated in compliance with the law with the issuing of the form which, by certifying the correct disposal, allows them to be transferred from the register of assets for capital goods. Upon request, we will also be present with management consulting, to ensure complete assistance, from the compilation of documents to rendering procedures more efficient, and providing eco-sustainable innovation.

Disposal of toner

Once they have been used up, toners take on the status of “special waste”, and a legal means of disposing of them must be identified: it is strictly forbidden to throw them in the garbage bins! Unlike ordinary citizens, companies and holders of VAT numbers are held legally responsible for their disposal.
Eurocorporation è pronta a rispondere alle problematiche che possono scaturire dalla messa in sicurezza e assemblaggio delle tecnologie obsolete, ed è in grado di strutturare il servizio per ogni esigenza. Smaltire i toner è un procedimento per niente banale, che deve tenere in opportuna considerazione i numerosi vincoli legali e le pesanti sanzioni. Per noi essere al tuo fianco significa anche seguirti nell'adozione di comportamenti ecologici e sostenibili capaci di migliorare l'impronta Eurocorporation is ready to respond to problems that may arise with the safety, assembly and disassembly of obsolete technologies. We can structure the service for every need. Disposing of toners is by no means a trivial procedure, and the numerous legal constraints and heavy fines must be taken into consideration. For us, being by your side also means guiding you in adopting ecological and sustainable behaviours that can improve your company’s carbon footprint without incurring overly heavy costs.

Destruction of sensitive data

We offer a service for the destruction of sensitive data, brands, prototypes, and unsold goods with the related letter of indemnity. In this way, we can relieve producers of the responsibility for privacy and ensure their confidentiality by also possibly providing photographic or video material.

Disposal of neon

The service includes the supply of containers in compliance with the law (UN Specifications) in limited dimensions, with a scalable height suited to holding about thirty standard tubes. A form is issued certifying its correct disposal. It is important to remember that this type of waste is classified as being maximally hazardous. It should not be treated like a common burnt out spare part. We offer you a simple inexpensive system.

Used vegetable oil

If oil is properly treated, it can be reused in industrial applications rather than human consumption. If not disposed of in compliance with the regulations, it can seriously damage the environment: its dispersion in water with no type of filtering, for example, means that the percentage of oxygen available to flora and fauna is lower. When "disposed" of in the ground, on the other hand, it produces a very thin film around the soil particles, preventing the supply of resources to plants. In the worst case scenario, if used oil reaches an aquifer it can cause serious public health problems. To support nature and the most demanding cooks, we deliver special containers to collect the oil, guaranteeing its correct disposal. Contact us and get a specific quote for your situation!

Disposal of aggregate

It only takes one free phone call to solve a major problem within hours. Construction means the creation of aggregates, a special waste which must be correctly identified and disposed of. It should be remembered that burying waste or using a public dumpster or unauthorized landfills is a crime and as such can be prosecuted under criminal law. We offer construction companies a practical and efficient solution to removing aggregate and similar waste on small and medium-sized construction sites. The roll-off container service consists of leaving one or more containers for waste storage with the customer. When the container has been filled, it is exchanged with an empty one and taken away. Alternatively, we are equipped to support customers requiring other logistic solutions such as 1mc crates, big bags or a vehicle equipped a claw machine.

Disposal of asbestos

Asbestos was widely used in the past and in our country we are still far from eliminating it entirely. This material is natural, fibrous and highly resistant, a characteristic that made it an excellent additive in cement. Furthermore, its insulating properties led to its use in lining roofs and walls. However, asbestos can be hazardous to human health: as it is made up of microfibers (which are released from the crumbling building parts) it can easily be inhaled and consequently cause respiratory diseases. Contact us and, after making an inspection we will handle filling out the necessary documentation, the removal and remediation of the surrounding areas, and final disposal.

Disposal of plasterboard

Do you need your plasterboard removed from your company or construction site and then disposed of?
Call us or fill out our form. We will handle the collection with our authorized vehicles, relieving you of the problem and promptly responding to your needs. There is also the option of delivering the materials to our plant, but only if you are in possession of the waste form and your vehicle is registered with the Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali (National Register of Environmental Managers). We can help your company to take effective measures, benefiting your turnover and, above all, protecting the environment. We can help you build a sustainable, human and future-proof tomorrow.


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  1. Special non-hazardous waste
  2. Special hazardous waste
  • Special non-hazardous waste derives from production activities, but does not have high levels of toxicity. Included among these are electrical and electronic waste, aggregates and bricks (if from the construction and demolition building sector), commercial and industrial packaging, plastics and glass (when they are manufacturing discards), some waste from artisan crafts, and waste from recovery and disposal operations. Despite an apparent absence in the eyes of the collective imagination, the data on special waste records a high impact in terms of quantity, which is why it is becoming increasingly important to have guidance in following the correct process that accompanies it from identification to collection, and from transport to disposal. We will be by your side for every single operation required by law, guaranteeing complete assistance, aimed at improving company efficiency and implementing sustainable projects.

  • Special hazardous waste derives from production activities and contains a high degree of polluting substances. For example, asbestos, rock wool, many paints, contaminated sites in general, railway sleepers, tins and rags, and medical waste are included in these types of waste. A very precise procedure is required for this type of waste: the materials must undergo specific treatments to be rendered harmless and ensure that their hazardousness is reduced. In many cases, along with the treatment, the site must also be remediated. Our mission is to help you solve any problem related to the management and disposal of special hazardous waste, through eco-sustainable actions and customized planning.


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Dear Customer, in compliance with the European Regulation 679/2016 regarding the protection of personal information, we wish to inform you that, by filling out and sending in this form, you authorize Eurocorporation Srl to collect and process your information in order to provide you with the information you requested. You can consult our privacy policy for more information on how these details are processed and to exercise your rights as an interested party