Wastes from construction and demolition operations

The construction company is directly responsible for the production of any site waste and, consequently, its proper disposal. The disposal of construction waste can only be managed by companies registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers, which is why it is necessary for the construction company to turn to a qualified firm who can manage the disposal of waste.

The disposal of industrial construction waste is governed by complex and very specific regulations, which provide for the best way to dispose of all special waste or, even better, to recover and recycle the material (plasterboard, rubble, iron, metal, cement, wood, concrete, plastic, etc.). 

A lot of waste is generated during construction activities, just think of the construction, demolition or partial renovation of a house: all phases that produce rubble. These waste products are classified according to European codes (EWC).  

When the company in charge of a specific construction site decides to entrust its waste disposal to us, it knows it can count on a unique, punctual and precise partner.  
Eurocorporation takes care directly of the documentation required by law (Waste Identification Form) and plans a tailored solution together with the customer. 

We can offer a service with roll-off containers, placing one or more containers for waste storage at the agreed location. 
Remember that in addition to disposal, you can opt to recycle rubble and construction waste. Whatever solution is chosen, Eurocorporation works alongside companies to deal with the cycle of construction waste in a timely and professional manner, planning, where possible, environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions.

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