Documents containing sensitive data

The activity of permanently deleting media containing personal data is referred to as destruction. Like any data processing, the destruction of media containing personal data must follow precise rules and procedures.

The data controller must qualify the personal data whose destruction he requests according to a specific classification. Depending on this, appropriate processing methods with a different level of security are established.  

Eurocorporation offers a complete waste management service for the treatment of documents (invoices, analyses, etc.) and devices (hard disks, DVDs, etc.) containing sensitive data.


Our highly qualified collaborators take care of: supplying the appropriate containers for the different types of waste equipped with non-removable lids and slots for the introduction of the supports to be destroyed, transporting the load on a special vehicle equipped with satellite geo-locator to the authorised plant, proceeding to shredding using approved machinery in compliance with regulations, issuing the relative certification and managing the form

Among the various modular packages we offer our corporate customers, is a defined schedule for the shredding of documents and other material containing confidential information.

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