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Strictly necessary cookies: They are essential in order to allow you to surf our website and use its different features. Without these cookies users would be unable to use our research, comparison and purchase services as well as all other services offered on our website. These cookies do not collect information, which may be used for marketing purposes, nor do they track surfing activity. Installing these cookies is necessary to use the website and blocking them would prevent users from doing so. It is not necessary for you to consent to the use of these cookies, as they are essential to provide the services requested.
Session cookies: They are essential to separate users from one another and are meant to prevent that a requested feature be provided to the wrong user. They are also helpful for security purposes, in order to deter cyber-attacks against our website. Session cookies do not contain personal data and only last for a single session until the browser is closed. The user’s consent is not required. Performance cookies: They collect information on the use of the website, the pages visited by the users and any errors that may occur while surfing the site. We also use these cookies to recognize the original page you visited on our website. These cookies do not collect data that may allow us to identify you. Each piece of information is collected anonymously and is used to help us improve the website’s functionality. As a result, our cookies do not contain personal data. On certain occasions, some of these cookies are managed by us on behalf of third parties, who however are not allowed to use them for purposes that are different from those mentioned earlier. By using our website, you consent to the use of these types of cookies. If they were to be blocked, we would not be able to ensure its proper functioning.
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Each browser has different procedures for users to manage their settings and cookies can be directly disabled on the browser, by rejecting/withdrawing consent to their use. Below you may find specific solutions for each browser: • Microsoft Internet Explorer: • Google Chrome: • Mozilla Firefox: • Apple Safari: • Opera: If you do not use any of these browsers, click on “Help” in the browser to find out where this information may be found.


This website acts as an intermediary for third-party cookies.

Namely, it uses cookies from the following third parties: Google (Google Analytics cookie), Google Maps, Youtube.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is an analytic service offered by Google that uses cookies (performance cookies) to collect anonymized navigation data, so as to examine how users engage with the website, compile reports on website activity and provide other information, including the number of visitors and clickstream behavior. Google may also transfer this data to third parties, as set forth by law or if such parties process this information on behalf of Google. Google Analytics’ cookies may also be used to show the most pertinent results in Google settings (such as Google search). The information sent to Google is stored in Google’s server in the United States. Further information on Google Analytics’ cookies may be found on this page: How Google uses cookies. By accessing Eurocorporation’s website, you agree to let Google process your data in the manner and for the purposes explained above. Users may selectively opt out of Google Analytics, by installing the add-on provided by Google for your browser (opt out).

Google Maps
The cookies anonymously used by Google Maps are used to save user preferences as the maps are viewed (PREF) and keep track of the visitors’ behavior (the other cookies). By accessing Eurocorporation’s website, you agree to let Google process your data in the manner and for the purposes explained above. For further information, please visit the Google privacy policy page.

By visiting this website you may receive embedded multimedia content, such as content from YouTube. These are portions of the surfed page which have been directly generated by the abovementioned websites and embedded into the host website visited. The presence of these plug-ins results in cookies being transferred from and to all third-party managed websites. The management of information collected by “third parties” is regulated by relevant policies, which you are encouraged to read. In order to ensure greater transparency and convenience, below you may find the websites of the different policies and procedures to manage YouTube cookies.

Youtube policy:
Youtube (configuration):

Remarketing cookies Third party cookies, if any, allow us to show ads according to the interests expressed by the users while surfing websites and the apps in the third party circuit that released such cookies. For example, the remarketing cookies used by this website may be those of the Google Display Network and the Facebook Audience Network platform. Below you may find links to disable the use of cookies by Google and Facebook.

Google Ads
Conversion tracking is a statistics service offered by Google Inc. linking data from the Google Ads network to actions completed within this application (the data collected are cookies and user information). Data are processed in the United States. By accessing Eurocorporation’s website, you agree to let Google process your data in the manner and for the purposes explained above. For further information on disabling Google Ads, please consult the Google Ad personalization page